Car Carrying

Auction Transports

Wollongong Car Carriers are the ideal choice for transporting your cars to and from auctions. Moving a large fleet of vehicles to auction? We can help, transporting the cars to the auction, and returning those that don't sell back to the original, or another, location. We can provide flexible service to meet your changing needs.

Car Yards

We offer reliable transport of vehicles between yards. Buying or selling a large number of vehicles? Moving shop? We can easily transport your cars quickly and efficiently, so you are back in business sooner.


We have the experience and capacity to transport fleets of cars if needed. Just contact us to discuss your requirements. Moving multiple vehicles at once requires specialised knowledge and equipment. As expert car carriers, we are professionals in this department. Wollongong Car Carriers will get your vehicles safely and efficiently between point of departure and destination.

Other Vehicles

We can provide transport for other motor vehicles depending on the situation. If you need a fleet of construction equipment or vehicles moved to a work site, consider using Wollongong Car Carriers to get the job done. Perhaps you’re a farmer who has recently purchased some new, large agricultural equipment. We can get this delivered directly to your farm. Why not call our friendly team to discuss your needs?n

Private & Interstate

We are professional car carriers. As well as catering for the needs of car yards and fleets, we can also arrange transport for individual, private owned vehicles. If you’re moving from one city to another, allow us to get your vehicle there safely and quickly. Need a vehicle transported to a different state? Ask us about our interstate transport options.

Special Requirements

We are often called upon to transport vehicles for special events such as derbies. We love these opportunities, and will gladly bring your cars to these events, and then cart them away when all is said and done. Contact us for more information.